Performance Management is important if you are looking to promote and improve employee effectiveness.

Taking the time to monitor and review an employee’s work objectives or goals can increase their contribution (productivity) to the organization.

We have set up our performance management tools using behavioural competencies that lead to effective job performance. We have grouped our performance appraisals by job families, i.e. “Administrative job family” would typically include jobs that are of an administrative nature. “Clinical job family would be suitable for healthcare” etc.

We also offer individual appraisals or appraisals that can be done by group (of up to five people at a time).

Excel Performance Appraisal based on Legacy Competency Framework. Complete with instructions and automated graphs to show areas of strength or development for developing your staff!

This automated excel spreadsheet provides "group" performance appraisal information under our LEGACY competency framework. Quick and Easy, with automated chart to show which competencies are strengths or require development as a group.

Excel goal tracking tool for your employees with automated dashboard.

Employee Development Template - Excel Sheet