When you download one of our customizable templates we will donate 1% of your purchase to a charity of your choosing. Every December 1st, Workipedia will donate the funds to the four designated charity’s. Every little bit helps…….


Help us feed a family!

We will support our local food bank.


Build a house for a needy family.

SJMF (Siempre Juntos Más Fuerte – Together We Are Stronger) is a registered charity in Canada, striving to support poor communities in the Dominican Republic. SJMF builds homes for impoverished residents of San Jose de Ocoa, a province located in the southern region of the country.

Supporting the Humane Society

Proceeds to our local humane society.


Replacing our trees.

Your plant-a-tree gift will help to restore areas of Canada that are in desperate need of reforestation and afforestation.