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Ever feel like creating HR documents from scratch is like reinventing the wheel, only less fun? We get it. At Workipedia, we’re on a mission to save you from the black hole of HR paperwork. Our secret weapon? A treasure trove of customizable HR templates and tools, along side expert Human Resources Consulting Services.

We specialize in Job Evaluation, Compensation, Workplace Investigations, and Employee and Labour Relations, along side all other general HR matters. At Workipedia, we understand that different HR challenges require different solutions. That’s why we offer two convenient ways to access our resources:

Single Downloads: For those specific, immediate needs, choose from our wide array of individual HR documents. It’s the perfect option for targeted, one-time requirements.

Annual Membership: Embrace the full power of Workipedia with an annual subscription. This grants you unlimited access to our entire and ever-growing collection of HR documents.
As we expand and update our resources, your membership ensures you have the latest and most comprehensive tools at your disposal.

If you’re struggling to find the HR solutions you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to listen and accommodate your requests. Stay tuned as Workipedia continues to expand its offerings.

For Expert HR consulting services, please reach out to us at or contact 519-717-5290 for  confidentail consultation.

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Job Descriptions

Browse multi-sector job descriptions updated daily.

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Policies and Procedures

Customizable Policies and Procedures updated daily.

HR Tools & Analytics

Customizable HR tools! Just add in your data to auto populate your graphs and your ready for the boardroom!
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HR Strategy & Research

Discover what’s new in the world of Human Resources

Health and Safety

Click here to view Health and Safety policies, procedures, and reporting tools. View Incident / Injury Tool

Job Evaluation & Compensation

Check out Workipedia’s Job Evaluation Point Tool and Job Evaluation plan along with other Compensation tools.

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